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About Our Service

Our powerful site allows us to operate with low overhead, so we are able to offer you better rates than other freight forwarders. We're also the only site where both you and your customers can track all of your freight, all in one place!
We can help you ship packages of all sizes, from containers and pallets to small boxes and single envelopes. If your goods are especially fragile or perishable, please contact us before scheduling your shipment to consult with our experts.
We can ship to almost any destination worldwide. If you can't find your destination when you schedule your shipment, please contact us.
When you schedule an international shipment, you will be prompted to provide the revelvant customs documents. Our system will determine which documents you need. If you can provide those documents, our Customs Brokers will process them with the relevent authorities to allow your shipment to proceed.
If you do not have the required customs documents, we can help you with that! Please see the customs page to learn more.
If customs raises an exception with your shipment, you will be notified as soon as possible. If the exception can be resolved with the information you have provided us, we will work on your behalf to get the shipment on its way as soon as possible. If we need additional informational, we will contact you and provide you with assistance until the issue is resolved.
Yes, you can! You can sign up to receive emails and SMS at each leg of your shipment's journey.